Power of Attorney

The next stage of our property purchase was to arrange a power of attorney. For a lot of people this is an essential part of buying a property abroad. I mean, who has either the time or the money to travel and be available for the more mundane aspects of property purchase ?

However, I found that when I mentioned that I was going to arrange a Power of Attorney, there was always someone to act as the voice of doom and gloom and telling me all the reasons why I should not do it.

So, what exactly is a Power of Attorney ?

“n. a written document signed by a person giving another person the power to act in conducting the signer’s business, including signing papers, checks, title documents, contracts, handling bank accounts and other activities in the name of the person granting the power. The Person receiving the power of attorney (which means agent) is “attorney in fact” for the person giving the power, and usually signs documents as “Melinda Hubbard, attorney in fact for Guilda Giver.” There are two types of powers of attorney: a) general power of attorney which covers all activities, and b) special power of attorney which grants powers limited to specific matters, such as selling a particular piece of real estate, handling some bank accounts, or executing a limited partnership agreement. A power of attorney may expire on a date stated in the document or upon written cancellation. Usually the signer acknowledges before a notary public that he/she executed the power, so that it is recordable if necessary, as in a real estate transaction.”

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Power of Attorney

You want me to give a stranger access to my Bank Account, are you f***ing mad ?












The whole process was a lot less complicated than that explanation ! It was quick, simple and very official. Our solicitor made the appointment at the notary’s office in Baza, then we got together with the notary. The notary read the details of the Power of Attorney (in Spanish) and our solicitor translated it into English. Finally our solicitor and I signed the document and the notary witnessed and stamped it. There is only 1 document in existence so you don’t get a copy. After it has served it’s purpose it is returned to you to be destroyed. I paid a fee of 63.33 euros to the notary’s office for the provision of the service (for which I got a receipt) and voilà, the deed with the devil was complete 😉

Power of Attorney


Now it was time to relax, drink a cerveza and try not to think too much about having just given someone access to your Bank Account !

So … Who are one foot in the cave ?

We (Danny and Josie) have spent the last 10 years living and working in the Caribbean. In 2015 we decided we wanted to move closer to family and friends so bought a cave house in the Granada region of Andalucia, Spain. We moved there full time in January 2017. Now we write about our experiences of cave living and how we are adapting to life in Spain.
We also have a Facebook page full of pictures, experiences and information that we have found useful along the way. If its your thing, you can also follow us on Instagram 🙂

5 Spanish words relating to this blog …

To Buy – Comprar

Notary – El Notario

Office – La Oficina

Document – El Documento

The Devil – El Diablo


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