In Spain, but without the Dogs!

This wasn’t what I’d imagined my first contribution to the Blog would be … ‘The challenges of being a Vegetarian, married to a pork loving carnivore in rural Spain’ was more of what I had in mind.  Instead my first contribution is to showcase how despite my best efforts, I still managed to get our dogs locked up in quarantine when we landed in the UK.


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A year in the life of one foot in the cave

A year in the life of one foot in the cave takes a look at this years blog entries, along with any updates and reflections that we thought worth sharing.

Although before I start, I have to be honest and say that It seems far too soon to be doing a review of 2016. I do sometimes wonder where time goes ?

one foot in the cave, A year in the life of one foot in the cave

After all, we started discussing an eventual move to Spain back in September 2012 (whilst sitting on an agricultural terrace in Machu Picchu, Peru). Back then, we had set a goal of being in Spain by the end of 2016. We will actually be there in January 2017, but I think that in the grand scheme of things we can overlook a couple of weeks !

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Enjoying a simpler life in Spain

The opportunity to be able lead a simpler life in Spain, was a key reason that led us to our cave house in rural Andalucia.

It is something that Josie and I have talked about for a number of years, however, living in the Turks and Caicos has to date limited what we have been able to achieve.

Our upcoming move to Spain should change all of this for us 🙂
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Why buying firewood felt so significant

Buying firewood, was one of the jobs we had set ourselves on our recent visit. Whilst this sounds a trivial thing, it ended up signifying so much more.

This was to be our last trip to our cave house before finally becoming full-time cave dwellers in January 2017. As such, we arrived with lots of luggage (most of our remaining possessions from the last 10 years spent in the Turks and Caicos) as well as a list of things we wanted to achieve whilst we were to be in Spain. Continue reading

Our Favourite Walks – Castril

We love the outdoors, and are fortunate enough to have a home in the ‘Altiplano de Granada’ region of Andalucia, which is an area of real contrasts. There is a huge and mainly deserted plain in its central part, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Sagra, Castril, Baza and Orce, with some peaks surpassing 2300 meters. There are also 3 large reservoirs, El Portillo, El San Clemente and El Negratín as well as 2 Natural Parks, the Sierra de Baza and the Sierra de Castril.

Basically, this means that we are spoiled for options when it comes to enjoying one of our real passions – walking 🙂

And not being greedy people, we thought we would start to share some of our favourite walks with you !

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A brief history of Cave living in Spain

Our cave living around the world series has so far seen us in Africa, Asia and Australia. Now we are finally home, as we look at cave living in Spain 🙂

Once I started research for this entry, I quickly came to appreciate the rich history that Spain has when it comes to cave living. What’s more, further discoveries are still being made !

To fully understand cave living in Spain though, we first have to travel back in time … a really, really long way back in time !
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My top Facebook Groups in Spain

So, more of an informative blog entry this time round, about the Facebook Groups in Spain that I frequent the most (yawn … boring – I know). Hopefully thought you will find it worthwhile if you persevere !

This really follows on from my entry on the Forums in Spain that I wrote a while back. Whilst some of these groups are specific to my area of Spain, I am pretty sure that there are similar ones out there, where ever you live. Continue reading

Spanish Market Days

There are many things I love about our newly adopted home of Spain and the list is growing. My favourite though has to be the Spanish market days. This is probably just as well, because in Spain everyday is market day 🙂

In our area of Andalucia, I could go to a different market each and every day.  From the smallest village with a couple of stalls in a single side street, through to the principal town of Baza, where the market truly is King for the day.
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A day trip to Garrucha

What we have not as yet mentioned in any of our blogs, is that just a hop, skip and jump away are a number of beautiful and not too touristy beaches.

As we had our good friends Kes, Sarah and their daughter Charlotte staying with us, what better reason could  there be for a road trip to the coast, but with so much choice, where should we go ?
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