Cave Living in Australia

The next in our series on cave living around the world looks at cave living in Australia, revealing a unique underground town.

Coober Pedy is a small Australian town with a population of about 2000 people.  Located in northern South Australia 846 km (526 miles) north of Adelaide, It is well-known as an underground town as well as being the opal capital of the world.

Coober Pedy was originally known as the Stuart Range Opal Field, named after John McDouall Stuart, who in 1858 was the first European explorer in the area. In 1920 it was re-named Coober Pedy, an anglicised version of Aboriginal words “kupa piti”, commonly assumed to mean “white man in a hole”.

About half the population live in caves houses. There are also underground churches, inns, a casino and a museum.

Many of the caves take advantage of existing mines, whilst others are excavated out of the rock of the hillsides. Whatever the choice, they maintain a constant temperature, meaning no air conditioning is required (the surface temperature in summer can reach a very unpleasant 40 -50 C).

The town and its surrounding landscape have unsurprisingly played host to a number of films, including Pitch Black and Mad Max beyond Thunderdome.

So ends this months edition of cave living around the world, a short but sweet insight into cave living in Australia.

Next month we move closer to home and take a look at cave living in Europe … and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So … Who are one foot in the cave ?

We (Danny and Josie) have spent the last 10 years living and working in the Caribbean. In 2015 we decided we wanted to move closer to family and friends so bought a cave house in the Granada region of Andalucia, Spain. We moved there full time in January 2017. Now we write about our experiences of cave living and how we are adapting to life in Spain.
We also have a Facebook page full of pictures, experiences and information that we have found useful along the way. If its your thing, you can also follow us on Instagram 🙂

5 words related to this blog entry …

Population – La Población

Mine – La Mina

Church – La Iglesia

Museum – El Museo

Film – La Película


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