Cave house hunting in Andalucia !

On September 3rd we head off to cave country, known as ‘El Altiplano de Granada’, to both check out the area and to go cave house hunting in Andalucia !

Flying ...

Flying …


Our flights have been booked with American Airlines. (not our favourite airline but we collect the air miles).  We will be flying from the Turks and Caicos Islands to Miami to Madrid to Granada. That means 3 flights, 19 hours of airport/flying time and a 5 hour time difference (phew).




Driving ...

Driving …


Car hire has been booked through CarJet . It’s about 150 kilometer to our rental cave house in Galera, hopefully this should take under 2 hours and be relatively painless. Our cave rental as been booked through Spanish Inland Properties.



Sleeping Zzzz

Sleeping Zzzz

And by that time I am sure we will be somewhat dazed, confused and jet lagged !




We have only 3 weeks during which to go cave house hunting in Andalucia. Of course should we be successful we also have to start to get the entire process of buying a cave house moving.

If that wasn’t enough, we are combining our holiday with a reunion of all of our family and some of our friends who are going to be coming out at various times to join us. Living so far away we rarely get to see our families, in fact some we won’t have seen in nearly 5 years. This means it will be a happy but stressful time. We have worked out that at one point during the holiday there will be 13 of us all together … chaos !

cave house hunting in Andalucia

I have a feeling its going to be an eventful as well as a busy 3 weeks !

So … Who are one foot in the cave ?

We (Danny and Josie) have spent the last 10 years living and working in the Caribbean. In 2015 we decided we wanted to move closer to family and friends so bought a cave house in the Granada region of Andalucia, Spain. We moved there full time in January 2017. Now we write about our experiences of cave living and how we are adapting to life in Spain.
We also have a Facebook page full of pictures, experiences and information that we have found useful along the way. If its your thing, you can also follow us on Instagram 🙂


5 words related to this blog entry …

To Book/Reserve – Reservar

September – Septiembre

Holidays – Las Vacaciones

Flight – El Vuelo

Chaos – El Caos




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