Festivals of Spain – Three Kings Day

Having arrived in Spain on Friday 13th January last year (gulp), we sadly missed out on the Three Kings Day parade in Baza. This year though we intended to make amends and thought it might be a good idea to know exactly what Three Kings Day was all about !

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Festivals of Spain – Cascamorras

Festivals of Spain - Cascamorras

We wondered what all the black handprints were on the walls of Baza when first visiting in 2015, unaware that we had just missed the Fiesta de Cascamorras.

Our annual holidays were always mid September, so again in 2016 we also managed to miss the fiesta by a couple of days.

This year though the wait was over. We finally got to experience the Fiesta de Cascamorras in our town of Baza.

So we thought we would share our experience and for the uninitiated give you a little history behind this popular fiesta.
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Festivals of Spain – Cruces de Mayo

It was only a few days after the Moors and Christians Festival, yet in our local town of Baza, they were already gearing up for the Cruces de Mayo Festival. According to the Baza Ayuntamiento Facebook page , it was to run from midday on Friday 5th through to midday Sunday 7th May. They even provided a handy little map showing the locations of the crosses 🙂

My parents were staying with us and so Saturday was a perfect opportunity to show them around Baza as well as check out the festival.

But first of all I thought I should find out what the Cruces to Mayo (Crosses of May) festival was all about. No surprise there then ! Continue reading


Festivals of Spain – The Moors and Christians

Festivals and Fiestas are an important part of Spanish life and something we have definitely been looking forward to experiencing.

So, the Moors and Christians festival in our local town of Benamaurel was the perfect opportunity for us to start to embrace this Spanish culture.

And knowing we were going to experience the festival made me (Josie just shouted out ‘nerd’) want to learn a little bit about what it was all about. So, here goes…. Continue reading