About Us

Hola.  Welcome to One Foot in the Cave,  the blog of Danny and Josie (not forgetting of course our loyal potcake hounds – Jasper and Baxter) which follows our lives as cave dwellers in Andalucia.

We are a British couple who to the surprise of many of our friends and family, upped sticks and left the UK in 2005 with the intention of working and travelling abroad.

We spent 2 seasons working as diving instructors on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo (one of the sister islands of Malta). Then In December 2006 we moved further afield, again working as diving instructors in the Turks and Caicos Islands (a small chain of islands next to the Bahamas).

one foot in the cave

And here we remained for 10 years,. We continued to travel, spending time in the Americas and visiting many of the Caribbean Islands, all of which can viewed on our original site which we set up when we first left the UK.

I continued to work in the diving industry and became the Operations Manager for Dive Provo.

Josie on the other hand was far more adventurous, first she became an AIDA freediving instructor and set up Freedive TCI, not content, she has continued to add to her list of talents by becoming an Exhale Barre Instructor, a professional mermaid (no joking – click on the link ), a Yoga Instructor and in August 2016 a Pilates Instructor. In between all those jobs she found time to look after both me and the dogs !

We have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed our jobs, the financial freedom that they gave and our travels, but recognised that we didn’t really consider the Turks and Caicos our home, rather a stop-gap in our lives. There were too many elements missing; some were obvious, such as distance from family and friends, whilst others may seem trivial to some people, like their being no defined seasons on the island (it’s either hot or very hot !).

So we decided that we would move on from the Turks and Caicos at the end of 2016 … but where to go ?  For a whole range of reasons returning to the UK was never on the cards, it simply doesn’t meet our needs.  Our experiences in Gozo, as well as spending time over the years with one of my best friends who lives in Spain  gave us an appreciation of the Mediterranean way of life. But where should we look to go ?

During our pondering I came across an article on cave houses, their uniqueness and the area of Spain in which they are found seemed to draw us in from afar. The economy meant that prices were low and the exchange rate favourable, so a plan was hatched whereby we would go to Andalucia and buy a cave house … and in September 2015 that’s what we did.

We left the Turks and Caicos islands (with mixed emotions) at the end of 2016 and returned to the UK (along with the dogs). Due to an administrative misunderstanding the dogs were not cleared to come into the Country and ended up going into quarantine. This was a heartbreaking time for us, especially Josie who had put so much effort into the whole process.

We spent our first Xmas in 12 years with our families, caught up with some wonderful friends and got ready for the next step of our journey.

On 9th January 2017 we caught a ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao and drove to our cave home in Andalucia. The first few weeks were a real wake up call to our new lives in Spain, but we slowly started to settle in – the only thing missing was our dogs 🙁

The dogs were finally given a release date of 28th March, we drove back to collect them, arriving back in our cave on 30th March.

So now we are back with our dogs …  a place we can finally call home.

Hopefully One Foot in the Cave will enable you follow our adventures as new cave dwellers in Andalucia.

Danny and Josie.