A day trip to Garrucha

What we have not as yet mentioned in any of our blogs, is that just a hop, skip and jump away are a number of beautiful and not too touristy beaches.

As we had our good friends Kes, Sarah and their daughter Charlotte staying with us, what better reason could  there be for a road trip to the coast, but with so much choice, where should we go ?

We decided on the coastal town of Garrucha (I can’t remember how !!). Described as ‘a beautiful and lively fishing town’ and with a tourist slogan of ‘Sun and Seafood’, I really couldn’t see what could go wrong !

Joking aside, Garrucha’s boast is that it is the seafood capital of the Costa (especially its large red prawns, which are only fished locally). Better still, It is renowned for its sandy beaches, and can lay claim to being Europe’s only blue flag ‘in town’ beach.

Now all we had to decide was how we were going to get there.

a day trip to garrucha

route from Baza to Garrucha

With two main routes to choose from, we decided to try them both to experience the different landscapes and scenery along the way – after all the journey is sometimes the best part of the day 🙂

The drive there was 92 miles (150 km), took about 1 hr 30 minutes and was dull, dull, dull 🙁  The most exciting part of the journey was playing ‘who can spot the sea first’, especially as I won 🙂

Parking on the sea front was easy, free and right next to the promenade (2 km and spans the length of the town). We wandered along the promenade, which is lined with palm trees and a nice place just to stroll. There are lots of shady places to sit and best of all its dotted with coffee bars and fish restaurants.

a day trip to garrucha

enticing signs along the promenade

Resisting the bars we headed for the beach (Charlotte made us !), which was clean and practically deserted. We chilled, skimmed stones and hesitantly dipped out toes into the clear and enticing (but cold) sea 🙂

There really is something wonderful about just breathing in the sea air.

With all that stone skimming, we had worked up a healthy appetite, so decided to head to one of the nearby fish restaurants. We chose one right on the promenade, overlooking the sea. I am sure there are cheaper places to eat, but the view and the smell of the sea made it all worth while.

Beers were ordered, and arrived along with some tasty, complimentary tapas.  We managed to agree on a salad as a starter;  now all we had to decide on was what we wanted as a main course.

As we were in a fish restaurant there was only one thing to order … and that’s where the problems started !

Out of the 4 of us (Charlotte chose from the children’s menu), 2 of us didn’t like shellfish, some didn’t like sardines or anchovies, the famous Garrucha prawns were a little out of our budget … and so it went on. Luckily the waiter came to our rescue, offering a fish dish for 4 people at 17 euros a head.

Once again we forgot just how generous Spanish portions can be, to be honest I was full after the tapas and salad … and then this enormous platter arrived at the table.

a day in garrucha
What a feast !  I still don’t know how, but we managed to polish most of it off.

We worked off some calories with a little more stone skimming, before wandering back along the promenade. There was a lovely little children’s park that we had spotted earlier in the day. It was perfectly positioned, being opposite where we had parked our car. It was shaded from the afternoon sun, and next to both a coffee bar and public toilets (very clean). In other words it had everything we needed.  We spent time watching Charlotte run from slide to swing to roundabout (you get the idea); most importantly she was having a great time as were the other children there.

All too soon it was time to head back to Baza, this time taking the alternate route, which was slightly shorter at 68 miles (111 km).

a day in garrucha

route from Garrucha to Baza

The journey back was in complete contrast and a wonderful surprise. The roads were well maintained and almost empty, meaning we got back in a little over an hour. Soon after leaving Garrucha we were passing through groves of oranges and lemons (the first we had seen). We passed through small villages and through some varied and stunning scenery.

a day trip to Garrucha


A final treat was passing below a hilltop village, complete with a striking looking castle.

We later found out the village was called Serón, we plan a return trip to investigate further.

All too soon we were back in the cave, still full from the fish banquet, we had a simple supper of cheeses, olives and bread, washed down with a couple of bottles of Rioja.

We had a wonderful day at Garrucha and would recommend it as a great day out, regardless of age.

The only question remaining is which coastal area to visit next – maybe you can make some suggestions and answer that for us ?

So … Who are one foot in the cave ?

We (Danny and Josie) have spent the last 10 years living and working in the Caribbean. In 2015 we decided we wanted to move closer to family and friends so bought a cave house in the Granada region of Andalucia, Spain. We moved there full time in January 2017. Now we write about our experiences of cave living and how we are adapting to life in Spain.
We also have a Facebook page full of pictures, experiences and information that we have found useful along the way. If its your thing, you can also follow us on Instagram 🙂

5 words related to this blog entry …

Coast – La Costa

Beach – La Playa

Sea – El Mar

Seafood – Marisco

Fish (culinary) – El Pescado


8 thoughts on “A day trip to Garrucha

  1. George clark

    When you go to Seron, go via the Caniles road and just south of the Hiajte look for the “estacion Seron” signs on the right. Nip down there and you will find the old railway station which is now a nice café. You can get good and drink there and sit inside or out. Some nice photos on the walls too.
    It’s only a short drive into seron but suggest park at the bottom near the town hall and walk the narrow steep streets to the castle at the top. They have a Seron ham festival early July with looking out for next year.

    1. Danny Post author

      Hi George, thanks for the heads-up 🙂 We will check it out as you suggest. I was fascinated when we passed it by, it never ceases to amaze me what’s out there if you take the time to explore. I have a feeling it could have the making of a future blog entry.

  2. David & Elizabeth Stone

    Wonderful description, Danny. I am guessing since you fail to mention who’s stone skipped the furthest or had the most skips, you did not win either :>)) ??

    1. David & Elizabeth Stone

      Practice makes perfect ! Next time …
      I really do enjoy reading your blog. You have a great
      writing style. Thanx for sharing.

  3. Gill Cooke

    Seron is a quaint place! I would suggest visiting on a Friday as it is market day! There is a super bar in the square where you can enjoy a drink! Agree about visiting Estacion de Seron, I took my sister there last year as she is a keen photographer. She was thrilled with place!


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