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Everything you need to know about the padron

We had heard that as we were living in Spain, we needed to register on the padron, however, we never really understood why. As such, with so many others things going on, it got put onto the back burner until it came time to register our Uk car in Spain.  It was at that point, that the gestor we were using for the process told us that a padron was one of the documents we needed to produce *sigh*

Everything you need to know about a padron


So off we toddled to the town hall, full of apprehension about trying to sort out another scary Spanish document. And you know what ? It was the most straightforward thing we have done so far 🙂


So we thought we would share our experience and try to take the mystique out of the whole process.

And as a bonus,  give you the lowdown on what a padron is, when you might need it and the often confusing issue of when you need to renew it. Continue reading