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A step by step guide to applying for an NIE number

A step by step guide to applying for an NIE number, takes a look at how we recently went about applying for Josie’s NIE number.

When you start to research into applying for an NIE number it can all seem a little daunting and overwhelming. I am also convinced that the websites offering to get the NIE for you (at quite a cost) make the whole process seem far more scary than it really is !

Back in 2015, we paid an Abogado (Solicitor) to apply for my NIE during the process of buying our cave house (you can read that blog entry here). The reason was simply that we had run out of time and as were living in the Caribbean, it was impossible to do it ourselves. The cost also wasn’t a real issue as we were both earning a living, it simply became part of the overall cost of buying our cave house.

At that time, we had only needed one of us to have an NIE number for the purchase of our cave, however, now that we were living in Spain, it was time to arrange one for Josie.

Now though, with time on our hands, as well as financial constraints, we decided we would apply for Josie’s NIE ourselves 🙂

I will start by saying that having just completed the process (within the last few days), it is very straightforward … more importantly it cost less than 10 Euros (actually 9.45 Euros per person).

So, below is a very simple guide to doing it yourself, and if we can do it, then so can you ! Continue reading