A brief history of Cave living in Spain

Our cave living around the world series has so far seen us in Africa, Asia and Australia. Now we are finally home, as we look at cave living in Spain 🙂

Once I started research for this entry, I quickly came to appreciate the rich history that Spain has when it comes to cave living. What’s more, further discoveries are still being made !

To fully understand cave living in Spain though, we first have to travel back in time … a really, really long way back in time !
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My top Facebook Groups in Spain

So, more of an informative blog entry this time round, about the Facebook Groups in Spain that I frequent the most (yawn … boring – I know). Hopefully thought you will find it worthwhile if you persevere !

This really follows on from my entry on the Forums in Spain that I wrote a while back. Whilst some of these groups are specific to my area of Spain, I am pretty sure that there are similar ones out there, where ever you live. Continue reading

Spanish Market Days

There are many things I love about our newly adopted home of Spain and the list is growing. My favourite though has to be the Spanish market days. This is probably just as well, because in Spain everyday is market day 🙂

In our area of Andalucia, I could go to a different market each and every day.  From the smallest village with a couple of stalls in a single side street, through to the principal town of Baza, where the market truly is King for the day.
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A day trip to Garrucha

What we have not as yet mentioned in any of our blogs, is that just a hop, skip and jump away are a number of beautiful and not too touristy beaches.

As we had our good friends Kes, Sarah and their daughter Charlotte staying with us, what better reason could  there be for a road trip to the coast, but with so much choice, where should we go ?
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Why I love living in a cave

I love living in a cave ! There, I’ve come out and said it, in the hope that others will come to understand why we chose a cave as our home 🙂

As with most things in life it started off quite innocently, in our case with a newspaper article on cave living in Spain.

I was initially attracted by the financial benefits of buying a cave house and the flexibility that gave us  (Josie … no surprise there, and rolls her eyes !).
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Cave Living in Australia

The next in our series on cave living around the world looks at cave living in Australia, revealing a unique underground town.

Coober Pedy is a small Australian town with a population of about 2000 people.  Located in northern South Australia 846 km (526 miles) north of Adelaide, It is well-known as an underground town as well as being the opal capital of the world.
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The horse that ate an iPad

No we are not on drugs (not that we will to admit anyway) , neither have we lost the plot (well maybe a little), nor has our site been hacked ! In The horse that ate an iPad we share our top 10 unusual, unexpected and unforseen experiences from our latest trip to our cave house.
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Our newly renovated cave

How time flies … fast forward 6 months and we were on our way back to Andalucia for a first glimpse of our newly renovated cave.

We were both quietly reflecting on what sight would greet us when we pulled up outside as we had seen no pictures and had no word on the progress of the renovations since meeting the builder back in September last year ( It’s not as bad as it sounds as he was highly recommended and a lack of communication appears to be the Spanish way).

Anyway we need not have worried. Turning the corner there were suddenly 2 very excited people in the car, the caves had been transformed (well the outside at least). The whole exterior of the cave had been patched up and repainted, even the garden had been tidied up !
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Cave living around the world

If you were to do a google search on cave living around the world, I think that you would be quite surprised with what that search revealed. I can testify to this as that is exactly what I did after becoming a self-confessed cave dweller.

cave living around the world

Previously, I had only associated cave living with prehistoric man of our history books.  When I started to research cave houses in Andalucia I soon learnt that  many of the refurbished caves within the region date back as far as the Moorish times.   Continue reading